Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What to Blog?

For give me Father for I have sinned... It is 5 days since my last blog!

Serena pretty much covered off our weekend in her blog as well as plans for our Return to Oz.

So what can I ramble on about this week?

Well work is busy. Very busy in fact! Then I suspect that comes from 3 days off sick and the accompanying back-log that people expect you to catch-up on.

Jasie says...
This week I am mainly supporting broadband.

So how do you explain to a technophobe that they need to upgrade a USB ADSL modem to am ADSL Modem/Router without using long words???? Most of the time I fob them off and tell them to ring their ISP for all the details of what they need to do. Back in the old days, ISPs refused to support routers, but nowadays you find they will help with almost anything technical. I did send one guy into PC World and he phoned me from the store to say they had laughed at him! I told him to stick two fingers up at them and go to Comet (which was next door). Sometimes I dispair at the level of customer service in this country.

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GF said...

Well the obvious answer to your question is not to use long words, but acronyms instead, like you have done.....

ADSL, USB, ISP,... :)