Friday, October 20, 2006

Fortnightly Quiz

The last CCOnline quiz was crap.

This week's is much more interesting:


The Pope has one but he doesn't use it
Your father has it and your mother uses it.
Nuns don't need them.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one,
Michael J. Fox's is quite small.
What is it?


GF said...

Do you want me to post the answer here? It's really easy this time...

Jase said...

Well Serena got it at the second attempt, after being rude on the first.
No need to post an answer unless someone begs!

GF said...

You know I hadn't thought of a rude answer but now I can see it clearly!! :)

Jase said...

That tells you a lot about how Serena's mind works!

James said...

It's a very easy one, this. I have an advantage actually, as we have a nun on our second year and I've just marked her script for a test. She really doesn't have one any more!!