Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Broadband Pains

First rant of the week!

We currently get our 8 Meg broadband from UKOnline, part of the EasyNet group. Our exchange has their hardware so we are classified by BT as an LLU ADSL* user.
Sky bought EasyNet and are now offering Sky Broadband on the same hardware as UKOnline.
We pay £25 per month for our 8 Meg service.... Sky Broadband is £10 for 16 Meg - both are unlimited downloads.
So I phoned up UKOnline to get a MAC code to transfer the service (works the same as Mobile Phones) and they said it can't be done as both companies use the same hardware and BT gets confused!!!!
So I phoned Sky Broadband and they also blamed BT saying this wasn't an issue related just to EasyNet hardware, but anyone using LLU ADSL (as opposed to BT based ADSL).

So instead of taking 2 hours to transfer my Broadband using a MAC code, I have to fully cancel my UKOnline contract and wait 5 days for the line to be cleared down by BT, before then ordering Sky Broadband.

All in all I am guaranteed to be without broadband for 2 weeks minimum and maybe upwards of a month!!!!!

Looking at how we use the internet, we can't do it! Serena needs the internet for the next month for her exams and I use it for work every Friday. So that means it would be Christmas/New Year before we can even think about switching.

Since the Sky package is 12 months minimum and we plan move to Oz around October/November next year, I don't think I can be bothered switching providers given the extra hassle of cancelling early at the end.

I have never even seen anyone state that migrating from LLU ADSL is impossible without cancelling completely. So who is to blaim? Sky/UKOnline would seem to point the finger at BT.

I think I may have to find a high horse and go off crusading on this one as I am thoroughly dissatisfied and can't seem to find anyone to take the flack. Time to email a few computer mags "Help" pages to see if I can get some journalists in my corner!!!!

* LLU = Local Loop Unbundling - shows that you are not using BT ADSL Hardware.

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GF said...

Last Christmas, (there's a song in there somewhere) I had this very issue.

I went with Tiscali Broadband and they sent me the router, but then kept pushing back the connection date - 2 months in fact. Thus when I'd waited three weeks already and they sent me the '2 month' letter I cancelled.

I then went to BT to deliver my broadband. They said the couldn't as Tiscali had the LLU flag. Tiscali said the couldn't do anything since the were waiting on BT Wholesale to remove the flag / tag / whatever it was.

Thus, I had a few angry phonecalls and once the flag was lifted (which was BTs responisiblity) it still took BT a futher 4 days to provide my connection!!! - only me calling and asking for the signon credentials made it work.

They were adamant they weren't giving me these and I had to wait on a welcome pack, a CD and a router. I said no. I am not installng their packaged SW on my PC and I was using my own router, just tell me the connection settings and I'll do it manually.

I was informed that doing it manually would void my warranty. Warranty of what I asked? It was my router and my PC.....

I feel your pain buddy.