Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Slow....

Hmmm, something is not right in the world of Blogger.
I posted lunchtime yesterday and my post vanished into the ether for 12 hours, only to reappear when I logged in this morning!

Gareth's blog seems to have vanished. I guess he forgot to put 50p in the meter again!
James seems to be training people how to scramble eggs! I see this as a step forward from his perpetual studentship (Kidding mate!), although I didn't realise he knew how to cook!

How to make an egg survive a 2 story drop using just Newspaper, Card, a Carrier Bag full of String and Sticky Tape? I love these types of challenge.
How many of James' students will think outside the box and use the Carrier Bag as a parachute? People often overlook the "container" when presented with a load of items to use in this type of challenge.
We had a competition at school called the "Great Egg Race" (name nicked from a TV Show of the same theme). The idea being you had a bunch of rubbish and a challenge to complete within 2 hours. I always enjoyed it! Hell my team won when I captained it - thanks to James for a History Lesson!!!! (And he was working for a different team.)

Anyway, back to the plot (so to speak).

Another day on the helpdesk for me. I am writing up procedure as I go, which makes the work twice as dull.

When I get a spare 15 mins at home I have been playing the Battlefield 2142 demo. It is good fun (Like BF2), but you must, must, must find a server where people are prepared to play in teams otherwise it turns into a free-for-all nightmare.

Three cards made it on time (although I left before the postman this morning). Maybe being 34 isn't too bad.

Lunch at Smiths today I think!


GF said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Jase!!! :)

GF said...

....I haven't forgotten to put 50p in the meter, though that did amuse me - and I'll blog about a memory I had soon.

My website has gone into chrysalis mode - though I promise a beautiful butterfly will emerge (I hope).

Of course, I may also have bitten off more than I can chew - but then I'm on holiday and I could do much worse!!....

Jase said...

Serena has taken a local copy of our blogs using a tool (you'd need to ask her).
I suspect that may allow you to migrate.

GF said...

Well err, yeah I've got all the html and stuff sitting on my USB HDD now.

It is the entire site, but it no longer resides on the website.

It'd be nice if I could migrate, but if not then it was a nice 6 month Beta period! :)

Jase said...

Yeah... Serena's blog is definitely something we want to keep, but if mine went up in smoke I wouldn't be too fussed.

GF said...

Yeah no offence meant, but I agree with that sentiment.....I hope you both keep it going for years to come actually.

Especially if you end up in Oz like seems to be the case...