Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring TV Choice

Ahhh, the BBC has rolled out its new Spring TV schedule for Saturday nights...

Plenty for Serena and I with the new series of Dr Who and a new "find someone to be in our muscial" show.

I even liked the new lottery show despite being utterly gutted about not reading about the London audition for it!  All that free time on my hands and I missed a TV Quiz Audition 2 miles from my house!

The "Catch-Up" show for the quiz clashes with our trip to Barcelona in June, so I can't even do that one!  Maybe I should look at Deal or No Deal?

PS  If James or Sally could drop me a note of which BSG episodes they have missed I will encode them to disc with the subtitles and pop them in the post.

Back Home

After a week in Edinburgh we are back home.

We had fun and I know Serena will blog and post photos at great length.

It was great to see Gareth in the flesh (as opposed to on my Screen Saver - don't ask!) and we hit it lucky with the weather for most of the stay, which is always a bonus in Edinburgh!

Friday, March 16, 2007


A quick thanks to Gareth....
Your tip on the FastStone Image Viewer was a good one!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back from first set of travels

Well we enjoyed a nice long weekend in York, which will get some serious blog treatment on the family blog soon.

Breakfast with Bill AGAIN today!  Isn't he lucky!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pleasant Change

Yesterday was refreshing.

I met up with an agent in the morning and didn't leave the session thinking she was a complete prick.  In fact she gave me some REALLY good advice and we had a constructive chat about the market place.  Fingers crossed as always.

Since I was meeting her in a posh hotel, I thought I had better get reasonably well dressed up, so I had a shave, pulled out a smart pair of trousers, wore a shirt and even pulled out my "sports jacket".

I have to say I have missed being dressed up smart!  It was really nice to not feel scruffy!  I need to do that more often.

Although, walking the length of Oxford St in that geer turned our to be rather warmer than I expected for a March morning.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Friday and a gamut of really annoying bullshitters (agents) drove me from the house to the cinema.  It was a toss up between Blood Diamond and Hot Fuzz.

Well I decided that "comedy" over "gritty" was what I needed so I settled down in the Vue Acton (a generic Vue cinema clone) and sat back for what I assumed would be a load of pants.

Oh how wrong could I be.

This film is silly.  This film is daft.  This film was exactly what I needed!

I laughed for the whole two hours.  This is way better than Shaun of the Dead.

GO AND SEE THIS FILM!  (If you are a guy)

I put that caveat at the end as some girls just won't get it as it is sooooo daft!  Others will love it just like I did.

Back to the Beginning

One of the original purposes of this blog was to share my movie reviews with a wider audience and to have an archive of them.  Clearly I haven't done this for a while, mainly because Lauren has prevented us from hitting the cinema.

Anyway I have been using my boredom filled moments to catchup on a few films on Sky Movies that I missed last year, so here are some short reviews.

Stealth:  Popcorn special for the boys (blue bikinis rule).  Beyond that it is crap.  5/10

Revolver: Eh?  I don't get it!  Enjoyable film but far too clever for me!  6/10

Red Eye:  Absolute rubbish!  3/10

Croupier:  Finally something worth watching!  Excellent cast and a great yarn!  7/10

Changing Lanes: Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson wasted on a terrible plot about nasty people!  5/10

The Libertine:  Under-rated Johnny Depp film.  Weird but enjoyable!  7/10

Chronicles of Narnia:  A hell of a lot better than I expected.  Something for the kiddies though.  7/10

One more to come, but that gets it's own post.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Great T-shirt

Natalie sent me this....

I'll Take a Look!

For some reason I thought of Julian!