Friday, October 06, 2006

A Bit of Ego Massage

I can't remember if Serena blogged about this or not, but a few weeks back we both applied for the "Australia Needs Skill Expo" to be held in London at the end of next week.

Anyway Serena got an invite almost straight away and I shrugged my shoulders and was all manly with my "I didn't really expect to get an invite anyway"!

Well my invite came this morning and my Ego is feeling a lot better about itself!

It does throw up one small problem... The invite clearly states "No Hangers On" and "No Bags". I have had to email the High Commission to get permission for us to bring Lauren, her pushchair and her bag of goodies (Nappies, Milk etc). Once I hear back from them (they have a 24 Hour response SLA) then I will book my timeslot, either to coincide with Serena or to go before her (so she can look after Lauren and then we swap).

It also means I need to sort out my CV slightly sooner than I was intending, but Hey, my Ego is well pleased!


Jase said...

To make the transition to the new blog template easier, I am not going to be using funny colours / fonts for a while!

GF said...

I accept that being given the news that NAG gave you last month will give you a knock, but you don't need your ego massaged - there really would be no reason why you couldn't get a good job and be very employable.

The only thing about Oz would be that perhaps your skill set isn't what Oz is looking for but it wouldn't be a reason to feel useless.

Mind you that's all academic now as clearly they want to speak to you...

GF said...

Maybe it's irony, but I really like this posts font and colour.

Sits well within the template - if it wasn't for the dotted lines and red bars everywhere ;-p