Monday, December 05, 2005


Forgot to say that Serena and I saved a small fortune on EBay yesterday.
We bought £300 worth of new electrical goods for under £200.

Makes a change, as I usually find stuff on EBay goes for more than I can buy it based on a pricerunner search!

You don't have to be mad to work here....

Well it has been a strange weekend for a couple of reasons….

1/ I got the car MoT’s on Sunday and rather than sitting around in Kwik Fit I took a stroll over the road into the local “leisure complex”. The only place that was open was the Megabowl, so I bought an awful cappuccino and sat down to read my magazine.
After about 20 minutes I started to have a bad headache and realised that the only other people present were a group of 7 year olds attending a birthday party, so the staff had pumped up the S-Club 7 to record volumes. I decided to go sit outside instead! You would have to be bonkers to work there, or have a strong tolerance for crap music (and coming from me that is a serious complaint!).

2/ Arriving at work this morning, I hit the kitchen and made myself a cappuccino with one of my Nestle instant sachets (I miss our London coffee machine!). Returning to my desk I reached for my chocolate sprinkles to find them absent. I looked around and found them behind my PC, looking mangled.
The little tube has been chewed beyond all recognition and the area is littered with mouse droppings! I have put in a complaint to the building services team! Surprisingly my advent calendar has survived untouched – although the chocolates from those usually get eaten by the cleaners!

Well we return to London this weekend, so this week could be mildly stressful and next week will be awful!
I just hope the house is liveable, as we have given the builders 3 more weeks than they originally asked for.

Ho Hum!