Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Breakfast with Bill

We went out for our weekly breakfast trip to Balans in Chiswick.  I was commenting to Serena that I was fed up of London as I didn't seem to spot any celebrities any more (real or fake ones)!

Of course London decided that this wouldn't do, so we arrived at Balans and found Bill Bailey breakfasting with his family!  He looked pretty rough, but I suspect that is "normal" for him!

Best Freeby Ever!

We're back from Edinburgh and had a bit of fun with British Midland on the way up.

They "lost" our car seat in transit from London and so we complained. I filled out the lost luggage forms and mentioned that we were concerned about how we were going to get Lauren to Maggie and Peter's house.

The girl smiled and pulled out a car seat for us (brand new - still in it's packaging). I told her thanks and asked if we just drop it off on our return leg or give it to the courier who would deliver our lost luggage the next day? She told us that car seat regulations were such that it couldn't be reused, so we could keep it!

That means we have been able to leave one with Maggie and Peter so we don't need to lug it up to Edinburgh again!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Important News

Please read this post on the family blog.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Why so quiet????

I honestly cannot think of anything that has happened recently or that has grabbed my attention on the news that I thought - let's chat about that!
Yes I am being a bit apathetic, but then I am a bit p'd off with not finding a job which I put down to a combination of arsehole agents and a quiet market!
So mainly I have been spending heaps of quality time with Lauren and keeping Serena sane (see her post).

I do read your blogs, and I have even dropped the odd comment in here and there, but generally it is a "quiet news month"!