Friday, October 27, 2006


Think I've sorted the problem; human error rather than LiveWriter fault!

I've enjoyed using it (now that I've figured out how to post pictures and stuff); so thanks for Gareth for the suggestion. It's really easy to use and a lot less frustrating than trying to log into Blogger dashboard.

I'm looking forward to more Tools etc. for it once the full version comes out.

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GF said...

Completely isn't it?

I take it the problem was just which 'weblog' you were logging on as?

Glad I can be of help, suggestion and use! :)

Rena said...

You can add multiple blogs to your list and you just flip between them on a dropdown menu when you want to post. However, I'd put the wrong log in when I had set it up!

Nice piece of software.


GF said...

yeah it was the use of the drop-down I was meaning.

Glad you're enjoying using it - I'm getting bad, almost not blogging at work and things until I get home and get to use it.......