Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jason Ayers - Crime Fighter!

OK - I'm sick! No really! The last three days have not been pleasant for Lauren or me. Some nasty tummy bug has left Lauren throwing up and me running to the loo every 15 minutes.
Anyway, Lauren looked a lot better yesterday, whilst I continued to whimper on the sofa like the strapping bloke that I am, so I dragged myself out of my sick bed to take her to nursery this morning.

On the way home I stopped at Sainsbury's to pick up some essentials (milk, paracetamol, extra-soft toilet paper...)

When I cam back out to Serena's car (it has the better of our two car seats in it so I use it for school runs when possible) some bastard had pranged it:

I complained to the store manager and he sent a security guard to review the CCTV footage and then I headed off to the police station.

After much form filling, and a trip home to pick up my insurance details etc, the Police advised me to lean on Sainsbury's over the CCTV footage as they have a history of being "slow to produce" evidence! So back to the store manager I trotted and "leaned" on him.

The annoying bloke refused to let me review the CCTV footage myself and said he would contact me if his security staff had anything to report! I really wanted to witness this act if wanton destruction! I could feel my pants wanting to leap to the outside of my trousers and a cloak flapping in the wind!

Anyway, for a good 45 minutes I completely forgot how ill I am!

I am back home now and am going back to bed!


Jase said...

Apparently the security guy can't see anything on the tapes. :( Hopefully the police will do better.

GF said...

How hard can it be? Just look for someone with a big green marker pen being heavy-handed!!

Sal said...

Ouch - I feel for ya. Leaving the scene of a prang out to be a hanging offence, mine has had some 'trolley rash' in the past. S