Friday, October 20, 2006

Browsing Choices

Unlike Gareth and Rena, I am not a Firefox all the way type of guy...  there are bits about it that I love, but there there is something about it, that I can't quite put my finger on, that doesn't quite work in my eyes.

Well Microsoft finally release Internet Explorer 7 yesterday and I installed it last night.  It still looks like a Microsoft product, but it has the bits of Firefox that I like thrown in (tabbed browsing etc), and even does them better.

Firefox 2 is due out of beta in a month or so and I have no doubt that it will appear on this PC as well, but for now I am back using IE over Firefox.


GF said...

What bits of Firefox does it do better, I'm not disagreeing(yet), just curious.

I'm running Firefox 2.0 Beta and also have GreaseMonkey installed on top and it's great.

Now if IE7 allowed you to create your own plug-ins then I'd be impressed - no I'd reckon Microsoft were copying everyone else - oh yeah, forgot isn't that their modus operandi? ;)

Jase said...

The tabbed browsing is more user friendly and intuitive than Firefox. The addition of a "New Tab" button is definitely somehing that FF was missing.
Pass on Plug-ins... I am old school so I don't use them much.
I am certain that FF will catchhup any differences quickly.
If you don't install IE7 manually now you will get it automatically in November as part of a large Auto-update.
One annoyance is the new Pfishing filter (which you can turn off). The first time you visit a new page it slows things down whilst it scans it. At least it remembers so it shouldn't be a long term problem.