Friday, May 30, 2008


Whilst we are on the sensitive topics I would like to announce that I have solved one of the age old mysteries...

"Why do Men leave the toilet seat up?"

Women assume that this is pure laziness.  Actually it is very good manner!

Men are generally a bit less dignified on the loo than our female counterparts, which means things can get messy, especially after some macho-curry-eating session!  There is nothing more terrifying than walking into a gents public loo and opening the cubicle and finding the toilet lid down!  Who knows what mess has been left behind my an underpowered flush?  To find out you are going to have to get really close to lift the lid!  Which is surely unhygienic in its own right?

However if the seat had been left up we would see at a glance whether it was safe to approach or not - pure courtesy!

Sensitive Topics...

This could get messy so don't read on if you are slightly squeamish!

I am bemused about the design of some pharmaceutical products.

I was a bit under the weather last weekend which resulted in me being constipated.  I eventually had a "break through" but it left my bum more than a bit sore.

Being a man I worked through the pain (so to speak) but it hasn't gone away and I finally resigned myself to going to Boots for some sort of remedy.

I found an ointment and a spray, and also being a man decided to buy both "just in case".

Now the ointment I can figure out for myself.  You put some on your finger and then stick your finger where it hurts.  So why include an optional long nozzle?  I am not likely to stick the tube up my bum just to get the cream to the area that is sore - that would seem like a path leading to "over-dispensing".

Now we turn to the spray.  Here I was expecting something that allowed fine control, but no - what you get is a small pump-action bottle akin to an old fashioned breath freshener.  How does that help me.  I would need a mirror and a third hand just to get close to spraying in the right direction!  A better design would be surely something like a Sinex nose spray.  Then at least you are fairly confident that your are spraying in the right direction!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


First part of the Steven Moffat Dr Who double header is coming up on Saturday...

The BBC are pushing it hard and I am deliberately changing channels to not watch the trailer!

I hope he stays true to form...  This series has been OK so far, but could do with a real humdinger!


I was in a rush to get home on Friday and left my car's sunroof open (on tilt).

I discovered this on Monday!  After 2 days of torrential rain!

Any suggestions how to dry out a driver's and passenger's seat?  I am commuting using a towel to keep myself dry!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back behind the sofa

I am saddened that Russell T Davies has decided to step down from helming Doctor Who for Season 5.  He has done a sterling job and he will be missed.

However replacing him will be Steven Moffat writer of Coupling, The Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace and the BAFTA winning Blink.  Clearly there is a God!  If I could have picked one person to take over it would have been Steve!

Monday, May 05, 2008

The votes have been counted...

So T-Mobile made me an offer for 2 new Blackberries and were prepared to throw in a PS3 and a Wii.

I phoned up Orange to get my PAC codes and they made me a counter offer...

No fancy freebies but similar minutes, texts, email and data to T-Mobile at about 2/3 of the monthly price; the WiFi versions of the phones instead of the GPS versions, and across the two contracts, £180 of cash-back.

When you compare the two contracts over 18 months, the Orange one comes out £630 cheaper but doesn't give you the two consoles.  The two consoles have a street price of under £500 so this is a no-brainer for me and Serena.  We stay with Orange and buy the Wii soon and the PS3 a bit later.

Oh and we have to wait until 22 May for the new phones as that is when our current contract ends.  Big deal!