Friday, August 08, 2008

Mr Grumpy

I have a T-Shirt similar to this and after Yesterday's debacle it suited my mood, so I stuck it on this morning as I headed out the door taking the girls to nursery.

Once that job was done I popped to Richmond Sainsburys to pick up some groceries and found that they were filming a commercial.  Anyway I whizzed round grabbing my bits and bobs and was suddenly greeted with a "CUT!  I don't think Mr Grumpy is quite what Sainsburys are looking to advertise as a typical customer!".  I had accidentally walked through shot as one of the "assistants" hadn't been paying attention.

I had to smile as I scurried off again!

PS  Fake babies look really creepy!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


We've been burgled!  (Last night!)

2 wallets and my BlackBerry nicked and then they probably legged it as both Jocey and Serena's Mum were up and about a lot in the night, so they decided it was too risky.

The big question is how the #### did they get in?

I reckoned our front door was pretty secure but somehow they have removed the chain, undone a dead-lock and then slipped the Yale.

The door was securely locked at midnight (I checked) and then wasn't at 6.30 am when I came downstairs.

They clearly left that way, but if they got in another way I am stumped to know how!!!

New BlackBerry coming tomorrow, and replacement credit/debit cards coming in 5-7 days.  Hopefully my replacement driving licence will come before the trip to the USA as well, or else I won't be driving!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bored to tears...

Well, OK, I am not quite crying, but it is really frustrating when I am waiting for loads of other people to complete pieces of work so I can push on and finish what I need to do.

I have surfed all my regular sites.

The other stuff I would like to surf is blocked by "Websense".

We get a rubbish signal here, so I can't even surreptitiously surf on my BlackBerry!

So what is left. I could blog about all those things I wanted to blog about and forgot to do at the time... But I have forgotten why most of them were funny / annoying etc.

Generally I just want a moan!

Anyone else bored? Email me if you are! Please! Pretty Please!!!!!

Hmmm, maybe I will go get a coffee and a muffin and read my book? Nah, someone will wonder what I am being paid for and complain!


Monday, August 04, 2008

And one from my BlackBerry

Well it looks like the font settings need tweaking on default emails... I wonder how this one looks?

Blog via Email

So does this work, and how does it look?

Darkest Night

Wow, how dark is the new Batman film!

Serena and I got time out to go to the cinema at the weekend and nipped off to a matinee performance of The Dark Knight.

What a different film.  I almost feel like I didn't enjoy it as it is so bleak!

Visually the film is stunning and the audio also rocked our socks off (if anything the cinema had turned it up to 11)!

I can't really fault a single actor either, but for me Aaron Eckhart stood out as Harvey Dent.

A lot of media had been produced around Heather Ledger's performance as The Joker, and I admit it was scarily out of character for him, and an extremely believable performance of a psychopath, however I don't know if it warrants an Oscar.  But then did Anthony Hopkins deserve a Best Actor nod for Silence of the Lambs?  (Best Supporting Actor maybe?)

Anyway, the film scores 8/10 from me, but if you do go along don't expect to leave the cinema in an upbeat mood!