Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I would consider myself an expert on this subject with at least 20 years of experience in observing the workings of this natural phenomenon, and I even have about 5 years of experience in cultivating my own!

OK here are two Links:
HD Version and Normal Version.

Please don't watch the video all the way through... about 2 seconds will be enough to understand the rest of this post!

Now my experience tells me that the motion of the breasts in this video is NOT NATURAL. Some Japanese programmers need to seriously stop writing / playing games and get out there and observe more real people.

As my hero Absath puts it:

Taking all that into mind I give you today's comic!

Thanks to CAD.


Jase said...

Erm... thanks for the email Gareth:


Girl number 3 needs to be careful - she could kill someone!

GF said...

Just trying to show that maybe it isn't that unrealistic after all? :)

Rena said...

LOL, the bouncing boobs have addled your brain!! I can share my years of boob experience with you...

If you look carefully, you'll notice that (in real life as opposed to DOA):

1. The boobs stop bouncing when people stop moving (good point made by the CTLR-ALT-DEL guys)

2. The boobs bounce together in the same direction on movement, not independently of each other in opposite directions!!!

3. They bounce up and down but don't wobble like jellies!! The DOA girls' boobs are just wrong!!

4. Oh, and when you lie down next to the swimming pool, they should lean off to the sides, not point to the sky (unless you've got fake ones - that's the way to tell)



GF said...

Now I know!!

I'll check the next time I see someone lying down next to a swimming pool......

What if they're too small to lean to the sides, but just a nice size? How can you tell if they're fake then?

GK said...

Jason, what have you started!!

GF, regardless of how small they are, I agree with Serena - they fall to the side...even think of your own when you are in bed - do they not fall to the sides too?? Hee hee!

GF said...

No mine are fake.

Don't you remember that's what I got done when I was off that time earlier this year?

Anonymous said...

"Please don't watch the video all the way through... about 2 seconds will be enough to understand the rest of this post!"

I watched the first 2 seconds.

I saw only an ocean.

Evidently, this "Jase" sits upon a throne of lies.