Monday, April 16, 2007

End of Day One

So that is the first day of the course out of the way.
I have done my first hour of home work and have 30 mins of practice questions to do once I have finished blogging.
I think that I am doing OK, and that it is all sinking in. My first exam in on Wednesday afternoon and I should be OK for that one! It's the Friday morning exam that is scary!

My co-delegates are a very diverse bunch, from the NHS manager who I met propping up the bar last night, to the fuzzy cheeked teenager who is filling in for someone who has gone off sick!

I am one of the younger delegates, but not by much and we all seem to have families or at the very least a partner. There is definitely no "lad" culture trying to force everyone into the bar for a late night "session".

I went for a walk after breakfast as we didn't start until 9.30 am and found the local convenience store. I bought some more post-it notes, as my supply of ones I pinched from NAB were starting to run low! I also bought myself a decent pen for the exam on Friday, as I neglected to bring one with me (decent that is). I am not certain how my wrist will cope with a 3 hour written exam! I am rather more used to typing things nowadays!

Lunch was quite nice, buffet style, with samosas, deep fried prawns, satays and the like, and I took a quick stroll down to the cliff tops (not to consider suicide) to clear my brain a little.

These photos show the mill-pond sea quite nicely - it is a real shame that I was stuck indoors all day.

Finally, Lauren needn't worry about Daddy not having any company when he takes a bath - the hotel have provided "friends"!


GF said...

The writing exam will be fine mate, just think how I felt having to physically write an Oracle code Post-grad exam!!

No debugger to use, and having have all the syntax and everything absolutely perfect for hundreds of lines of code!!

Jase said...

Fortunately the exam format is not such that we need to write reems and reems.... It is all about Bullet Points and Flow Diagrams.

Plus 3 hours is apparently very generour.

Jase said...

Bugger typo in last word!

Rena said...

Lauren liked the ducks, by the way!