Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 2

Two days down and I just aced my mock exam, so I feel a hell of a lot more relaxed tonight.

Tonight I sat discussing the finer points of football with a Sunderland fan and an ex-pat living in Lisbon, which meant we had a very entertaining dinner after I admitted to supporting Newcastle!

Beyond that I have found a local Blockbuster and have bought 3 DVDs from their bargain bin, since there is bugger all to do in the hotel apart from drink or dance with the crumblies...

Tonight is Line Dancing, so they are all bedecked in Rhinestones and are wearing stetsons! I kid you not! I almost feel I am at a Kylie concert!

Whilst on my walk I came across this retirement home, whose signage made me laugh!


GF said...

Sorry mate, I've been in London the past few days without easy web access.

I do have an RSS reader on my phone, so have been kept up to date with your daily antics, just not able to comment.

I love the sign, but one thing? Surely it should read 'Sunset Senior Living'? - though I know that's not the part of the sign you were pointing out...

Jase said...

I think the negative aspect of Sunset living is the primary reason!

It is a bit like using "Autumn" in the title as well!