Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Curry Night

Well I passed the multiple choice paper with a cool 92%, which means I can update my CV to say "Prince2 Qualified", even if it is only to Foundation level.

I am a heck of a lot less scared of Friday's Practitioner exam now as well.

Whilst waiting for our results, a few of us were sat in the bar having a beer and complaining about the food in the hotel. Since the Ex-pat living in Portugal said he had to have a Curry before going back to Lisbon, we have decided that tonight is Curry Night and bugger the free food at the hotel!

I don't expect it to be too late a finish though... After all we are all professionals! If only the other two Curry-chasers weren't a Geordie and a guy who works at Lords Cricket ground, then I wouldn't be worried!


Rena said...

Oh dear, hope you manage some sleep...

GF said...

Congrats on the result!!

How was your Curry night, and how's your head this morning? Hungover or sleepy?