Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saga Central

My first night in Bournemouth for the Prince2 course that I have shelled out for and I feel young! In fact I feel like I should be in bed by now!
The Wessex Hotel has two types of clients on a Sunday night....
1/ Mid 30s people eating by themselves and looking round wondering whether the other saddo's are here for the same course.
2/ A mixture of wrinklies in the 70+ category wondering whether their dentures and colesterol medication can cope with the Chef's Turkey Roast!

I went down for dinner at 7.30 pm and the place was heaving with the more mature clientel, who all shuffled out around 8.00 pm leaving the restaurant to the "solos".
I quickly finished my salty French Onion Soup, my "£5 extra" Sirloin Steak and my "serve yourself" Apple Strudel and waddled out into the lobby to find a couple of the solos had started chatting about the course, so I introduced myself and we had a bit of a blather.
The wrinklies had all retired to the ballroom and were circling the floor in a stately fashion.
Anyway I have worked out the BT OpenZone and forked out for 5 days access so I will try and Blog each night I am here.
Piccies for Lauren and Mama to follow.

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