Monday, April 23, 2007

Exams over... Time to Sign-on!

I reckon I passed the big exam on Friday.  All the questions I didn't want to come up, came up, however I had prepared hard for that scenario and would be very disappointed if I failed.  Still, I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the marking to be done!

Down to the Job Centre today and signed on for the first time in my life.

I am appalled by that lack of evidence you need to provide as proof that you are seeking employment!  I just need to fill in a log of what I do, so I could write down complete bullshit and still get my dole money!  That isn't right!

Anyway I have a 1st round interview with GE Money this afternoon.  Just a quick 15 minutes with HR on the phone to prove I am who I say I am!  I'm not convinced that I want this particular job though as it is in Watford!

No news on the Computer Games company job though!


GF said...

Well hopefully you haven't failed then!! Why does it take so long to get the result? I mean it was like that at Uni too, but surely there is just one class sitting the exam?

Yeah I've never signed on either mate, though I nearly did towards the end of Uni.

I know some folks who applied to GE Money - SAS Programmers.

Jase said...

The exam is a 3 hour written paper and there is a shortage of markers. Unlike Uni exams there is a different written paper sat each week and each is taken by hundreds on people across the UK.
They announced on Thursday that the exam is heading for Multiple choice later in the year! I guess if I needed a resit I would wait until then!

James said...

6-8 weeks really is a long time. Having said that, I can vouch for having to mark hundreds of *the same* exams in a week or two. It just addles the mind, it really does. :(

Good luck Jase, hope you don't need it!

GF said...

Multiple choice is not what you want - I found (especially) with SAS that they intentionally make all the answers the same with a ; or a : or a | being the only thing changed in 10 lines of code.

Very easy to balls up (as I proved)