Monday, April 30, 2007

Blood in my Shoe

Both interviews went well - more on that in a sec...

I am in serious pain though.  New shoes -> Blister -> Popped Blister.

So badly popped in fact that the inside of my shoe has a little red stain where the blood seeped though my sock and soaked into the leather.

Interview 1 at BarCap in Canary Wharf went really well - I think I have all the skills they are looking for.  Shame I think the job is really narrowly focused and would get boring very quickly.  I have fed that back to the agent though, as it may just be the manager's poor representation of the role.  I reckon it is a job I could have done a few years ago, so it feels like a step sideways (and slightly backwards) rather than forwards.

Interview 2 at Ernst & Young was really friendly.  I can't say that I like Lambeth that well, but I thought the team dynamic was right up my street and that the seniority of the role is exactly where I want to place myself in the market.  I feel I represented myself very well.

I doubt I will hear much for a couple of days on either though as both seemed early on in their recruitment process.

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GF said...

Absolute best of luck though mate....