Thursday, April 19, 2007

Losing the Will to Live

The little red light came on around 3 pm today as my Brain went "DING" as it was full!
The two hours of exam revision from that point on were a bit torturous!
I am not scared of tomorrow's exam any more, it is down to technique rather than knowledge and you only need 50% to pass. There is no negative marking and you can theoretically get >100% as a question listed as being worth 10 marks could have 12 marks available on the marking scheme!!!!
As long as I read the question I can guarentee to get 60-75% on any question (it's when you don't answer the correct question that you are in trouble!).
There are a few questions which are complete bread and butter - I can pretty much guarantee 90% on one of those, as they are just too easy! (Really!) I reckon there is only about a 33% chance of one of those coming up though.

Curry night was fun, I didn't drink too much and was in bed by midnight. The Geordie did sleep in though and turned up looking green about 30 mins late!

I have a few more photos for you that will go in another post.

1 comment:

GF said...

Glad you'd a slow night then mate, of course that may still be why the brain is full.

Always reminds me of one of my favourite Gary Larson cartoons with the kid in class asking 'Mr Osborne can I leave now, my brain is full?'


Good luck with tomorrow (or now as it's likely to be)...