Friday, July 08, 2005


Yesterday was very strange.
Initial reports were so muddled that it was hard to get worried, but pictures of the bus were very scary.
Once it became clear what the scale of the attacks were, people were only really concerned with making sure their nearest and dearest were OK.
We were encouraged to leave after lunch and whilst convoluted, my journey home only took about 40 minutes more than "normal".
Following police advice I am working from home today, but I will be back on the Tube on Monday.

As an aside I would like to apologise to the Middle-Eastern gentleman sat opposite me on the train yesterday afternoon. I must have looked at him suspiciously and feel annoyed with myself that I did so. Paranoia is going to be a lasting legacy of yesterday's events and I am determined not to succumb to it.

Anyway, thanks to Lawrence for sending me this link to "Revenge of the Block".

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