Friday, July 29, 2005

F'ing Kids

Who lets their kids play football outside my bedroom window at 1.30 am?
And again at 6.30 am!

They cleared off when I shouted at them, but I am far too young to turn into the "nasty neighbour" aren't I?

I reckon that the owners of #91 have gone away and kiddies are having a bit too much summer holiday fun without Mummy and Daddy!
I think I will have to knock on the door this evening and say "Hello".


James said...

Brave!! How'd it go? :-)

GF said...

Go Jase!! You must blog the result!!

Jase said...

Couldn't be arsed in the end. I'll wait until M&D get home and have a chat with them instead.

James said...

Well?? ;-)