Tuesday, July 05, 2005


A piece of VB code I wrote in 2001 finally stopped working on 1st July 2005 when the "impossible" limits I setup were finally broken by four years of over use and abuse.

Looking back over the code (as a favour to the current "owner") I am suprised how elegant it is. I clearly wrote it on a good day!
It took me about 1/2 and hour to switch a bit of code around to future proof it for another 4 years!
Hopefully I will have cleared off by then and some other poor mug can fix it!

It is scary that think that such a simple piece of Management Information is still not being produced by our core systems. Maybe I wrote the code too well and they never bothered replacing it?

Maybe they will miss me when I have gone?


GF said...

Don't think I really need to comment on this one if it's the piece of 'code' I'm thinking of mate! :)

Jase said...


Just another of those time saving macros that Finance are over-dependent on!