Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War of the Worlds

Completely forgot to say that Rena and I went to see WotW on Friday night.

The special effects are pretty amazing and this is definitely an action romp.

It won't win any acting or screenplay awards though, nor will it score high on originality!

This is definitely not a 12A certificate film. I would leap straight to 18, although Rena reckons it could get away with a 15. Since it hasn't got any graphical sex scenes and most of the violence is just off camera she is probably right, however the level of implied and shown violence would disturb every 12 year old I know.

There are moments in this film which made me jump and that I found tenser than Jaws, so I reckon that SS has got his pacing and action pretty well spot on.
Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are excellent. Tim Robbins, whilst lampooned elsewhere was OK, if a little too stereotyped to me.

Some people will quibble about the ending, which is pretty close to the book, but does leave you feeling that about 10-15 minutes of story was left out somewhere...

Definitely the tensest film I have seen this year and well worth seeing on a huge screen with DTS.


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