Thursday, July 21, 2005


Following on from Gareth's recent post about Phishing I thought I would add my own 2p worth.

Whilst I do get the Bank account ones, most of these get filtered out by my Anti-Spam software. The ones that get through and that I think are incredibly hard to tell apart from real ones are EBay and PayPal security alert emails.

I got one this morning from "" titled "Additional Security Requirements" which pointed to a very normal looking fake EBay sign in page "".

As with all EBay and PayPal phishing attempts I forward the emails to and which I see as my public duty as a good citizen of the internet community.

This site was so well done that it passed more than a casual inspection and if I hadn't checked the security page on the real EBay sight which lists all genuine EBay http addresses, then I wouldn't have been able to tell this was a fake.

Be careful out there!

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