Thursday, July 21, 2005

Java Games

I always enjoyed playing the games on my old mobile phones when I was waiting for Serena or stuck on the train. The various Snake clones were my favourites as well as the rare word / logic puzzle.

With my upgrade to a Sony K700i a year or so ago, I became lost, since it purely had Java based games on it, such as Darts, Tennis and a River Rapids game, all of which required finesse and skill on a tiny cramped number pad or mini-joystick.

Given that I have fat fingers at the best of times, these games are impossible.

Anyway I have been looking for a phone to upgrade Serena's old T68i to (will probably go for the Sony K750i) when they come back into stock and noticed a link to available Java games.

As I was browsing I found loads of old arcade favourites like Bomberman (good fun, but again I don’t stand a chance with fat fingers) and found one of the golden greats… WORMS!

I decided to stump up £3 for Worms Forts (the later version of the game) and I am finally content with my little phone again! I do get some funny looks from people on the tube, but that has probably nothing to do with me playing games on my phone!

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