Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well it is Hot, Hot, Hot down here in Old London Town.

Looks like it is pretty hot in Leeds too!

I am looking forward to a slight break in the heat again, as it is bloomin' hard to sleep at night. The thunder storms don't actually help, unless they are very heavy. They just wrench the humidity even higher and do nothing to douse the temperatures. Looks like a northerly wind on Saturday should clear some of the smog!

DAMN! I am being very British and talking about the weather!

We spent a HUGE wodge of cash last night on a new kitchen, but when it is finished it will be the dream kitchen Serena has always wanted. (Me too actually, but I can't admit that publicly!)

Just imaging a sea of Birch, Stainless Steel and Black Granite!

Recently we have been watching some older movies, things like 28 Days Later (better than I expected), Reign of Fire (hammy but fun) and High Fidelity (an old favourite). Our next cinema trip will be to see Madagascar, and after the slagging that The Fantastic Four has been receiving, I think our trips to the cinema will be drying up!

We'll have to resort to catching up on some other DVDs…


GF said...

OOPS - loads of spelling mistakes in the last attempt -

Think I might go see War of the Worlds tonight but i've heard some really mixed reviews from both the media and friends. Oh well, plus I'll be going to see F4, I have to - I like hammy comic book films. Thought admittedly haven't seen Catwoman....

Jase said...

F4 got the accolade of being "worse than Catwoman" in the last review I read! WotW is worth seeing though.