Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cars, Caffeine and Painting

Hmmm, so I have taken my old Honda in for a service… I'm willing to take bets on the final cost, but I reckon their basic offer of £190 is likely to be at least £60 short! Still, the car doesn’t owe me anything, having 103,000 miles on the clock and generally passing its MOT without difficulty down the years.

I made a cup of tea this morning and used the dregs of the milk… Of course it had turned and so I had to chuck the cuppa away. Decided to give up on that as a bad idea and headed out without caffeine. I got into work OK, but absolutely parched and decided to have a Peppermint Tea rather than my usual Cappuccino. No sooner had I finished it than I was dying for another drink! Decided to go with a Decaf Cappuccino! Can't particularly see why I chose to go Decaf, but it looks like I am decaffeinating myself again!

Anyway, the decorating went well yesterday, with all the woodwork being finished and the ceiling getting painted. (I missed a bit, but it was impossible to tell last night. I'll patch up tonight.)

With luck I will get the walls finished tonight and then the room will be done (touch wood), apart from Carpets.

Also appears that Maggie and Peter aren't coming any more, as Maggie has been called up for Jury Duty.

Ho Hum.

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