Thursday, July 28, 2005


What happened to the last few days? Clearly I have been busy and writing blog entries has suffered accordingly.

Yep it is work, work, work here atm. I am filling in for someone who is away sunning themselves and as well as picking up their rubbish I am handling my own!

Beyond that Serena and I had our first Antenatal Education session yesterday. We learned about Labour, Delivery and most importantly Pain Control. Pethidine sounds nasty and pointless to me! Knowing Serena I am going to need my swimming trunks!

Beyond that we have a trip to Watford planned for Saturday morning. Serena is desperate to go to Costco to look at what bargains they have on offer and we will also look in on the Mamma's and Papa's superstore at the same time.

One disturbing fact that I discovered yesterday is that Ikea is open 10 am until Midnight Monday to Friday! If only I had managed to not tell this to Serena! Now "popping to Ikea after work" is a definitely doable thing. I foresee some late night shopping trips.

Anyway I will try and blog a bit more as this week progresses!


GF said...

:) I like this entry as it's really three seperate entries and I only really want to comment on one part of it which I could have done if it were split out to the 1)been ages.. 2)antenatal.. 3)ikea entries.

Oh well, I'll say nothing then!

Jase said...

You're daft!
You like the post...
You want to comment on one part of it but feel you can't!
I just wish you opened up your blog to commenting!