Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sound of Drums

After a swift catch-up weekend and a re-record of this week's episode following the thunderstorm we are now up to speed and hanging on the cliff!

Blink was great!  Those Angels are going to haunt Serena's dreams for days.  Poor Lauren got a fright too when I paused the episode and it just happened to be the first time you see their fangs.  She ran to Mama for a hug!  :(

I LOVE John Sims as the Master!  I reckon it took him 0.2 seconds to accept that job when the phone rang!

Anyway, more tomorrow I am sure!


GF said...

Ok, who is John Simms? I mean I recognise him but I couldn't tell you who he is....

Jase said...

He first attained fame in the BBC drama "The Lakes" and then really hit the big time as the star of "Life on Mars".