Friday, June 22, 2007

£30! and a Question

I forgot to include a DVI to HDMI cable on my media centre's list of needs...
They're £30! I must check my little man on EBay to see if he does them any cheaper, as that seems a bit steep to me! I have the rest of the cables I need already.

Question: What should I do with my subtitle / banner area thingummy?

There is clearly no-one even remotely famous round here - I have gotten so desperate for an update that I even check out sporty looking cars when I drive past them to see if there is a celeb inside!!!!

I did think about changing it to Celebrity Look-a-like of the Week, but didn't fancy trying to get a convincing photo on my phone's 2 mega-pixel camera!!!!

I want it to be something that changes frequently... I may just steal my Live Messenger comment theme, which is my variation on "Jesse's Diets" from the Fast Show.


GF said...

How about what book you're reading currently or thought for the day / week?

What about a quote perhaps?

GF said...

Only 4 Days to Go? - A reference to the Dr Who finale?

Jase said...

No smoking laws in England.