Thursday, June 28, 2007


This post serves two purposes...
Firstly - you may remember that I spent a good while winding up Gareth (or maybe Gillian) about Gareth's birthday present - some artwork for his house.
Now Gareth didn't blog anything about this art, so I thought I would briefly mention that it was well received by both parties and that I stuck to my ground by providing both images of lesbians and of animals in unnatural positions! I'll let Gareth clarify how I managed to do that AND not alienate him or Gillian!!!!!

Secondly - What do you buy your daughter for her second birthday? I think that her grandparents are covering off the safe option of a tricycle, and we have more books and soft-toys than we really know what to do with! She already has a farm, a piano and a fairy tree house, so I am rather short on ideas!
I did wander aimlessly round both Toys R Us and a very good toy shop in Kingston and I have no ideas! I feel I want to get her some technology, put preferably not something that plays "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" at loud volumes.

I'll continue my research at lunchtime, but ideas are requested!

PS Budgets do not permit me to buy her a laptop, nor can I justify the two proposed PC builds as being her present either!

PPS One of Lauren's favourite pastimes is watching videos of herself on the PC! When I hook our laptop up to our LCD Telly, she will sit for ages watching herself on loop - dancing, sliding, paddling and eating!

PPPS Her other favourite pastime is climbing up onto the PC desk and trying to get the PC to show her videos by hammering the keyboard or mouse repeatedly!


Kim said...

A pony!!! If you can't handle the real thing, how bout this?

GF said...

Hey mate, it's not that I chose not to post about my poster prezzies, I was just waiting until the get framed (which isn't long now) - I'm decorating my bedroom and I always wanted lesbians in my bedroom so that's where they're going!! (sorry GK).

I will post about them once they are where I want them! :))

As for gifts? Hmmmmm.....I'm struggling what to get her, so I'm not giving all my ideas away!!

Jase said...

We first saw that pony around Christmas time, and Lauren was pretty intimidated by it - I suspect she would love it now though. It is just too big for our house!
Lauren is really testing herself physically atm, so I would love to get her a small climbing frame and slide - its a shame our garden is so small - hence why we are looking at moving house againg!

I looked on the Toys R Us website and used their gift suggester... It came up with a Playstation 2 for Lauren! Not quite what I had in mind... Maybe a Wii? :P

GF said...

How about an XBOX360 for her Uncle Gareth?

GK said...

The prints were great Jase and a lot better than I expected (I expected to see naked or scantily clad women to be honest!!). My favourite was the two women - the monkey was creepy!!