Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Move over Gareth

It has be said that I don't post about music and musicians very much. I am no expert nor music nerd! (No offence intended to anyone - I am happy being a Sci-Fi / PC Nerd).

Something did strike me recently that I though I should blog about and then I promptly forgot until now.

I have seen a few "Pop star" interviews on TV recently, followed by supposed live performances of the latest single. Most of them fade into obscurity as they are generally an average guest and sound like they are miming later on. Two have stood out though.

1/ Pete Docherty. The news always portrays him as a complete arse. I am afraid that his interview confirmed it, even though the interviewer (Johnathon Ross) was clearly a fan. Later when he performed acoustically I thought he was terrible! I am not surprised that his band got fed up with him and parted company. Clearly his lifestyle is compromising his ability to perform musically.

2/ Iggy Pop. I always thought he was another one that looked like his lifestyle had killed both his personality and talent. How wrong could I be! His interview with his Stooges (?) band mates was entertaining and informative. Then his live performance in the studio was excellent. He has clearly suffered from lifestyle abuse but he also clearly loves to perform. He got some bad press at Glastonbury for his enthusiasm in causing the stage invasion, but I reckon he just got carried away in the moment! My opinion of him has completely changed!


James said...

I agree. Good ol'Pete ain't that good. ;-) (I saw the same show).

GF said...

Why move over when I share the same view?

Pd is a twat, and is famous for taking drugs. In saying that when he was in the Libertines with Carl Barat I was lucky enough to see them in support at the Barras. They were mind blowing, however it soon became clear that he was more interested in blowing his own mind.

Iggy I've seen as a solo artist (you know, Lust for Life, .The Passenger and the like), and also twice with the Stooges. What an act!! Completely gave me respect for him each time. And he's almost 60! However every gig I've seen him at has ended in chaos and stage invasions. In fact at one Donington it ended with the crowd on stage and Iggy on the gras watching the crowd on stage!!

I'll post the photos I took ;)

Jase said...

The "Move over" bit was in reference to me invading your teritory, rather than a comment on your opinions!

GF said...

LOL! OK, then well here's looking forward to an OK Computer review (a proper one, song by song) in a short while then!!...

Jase said...

I managed one run through (less the last 3 minutes) whilst doing some PC admin the other day... It was more background than a serious listen though. It just kind of merges into one long track (which is the Rock Opera idea) and his voice still seems prety annoying to me!

GF said...

I honestly think he has an amazing voice, especially live.

Of course what you need to remember is that it's about the music and the soundscapes. His voice is an instrument and used that way, rather than simply to spit out lyrics tunefully.