Friday, June 29, 2007


Is it OK to be ignorant?
Of course it is - with one caveat...
Never be afraid to ask questions if you really want/need to know the answer.
Despite rumours to the contrary there ARE stupid questions, but in my book they are the ones asked by people who need to look like they are interested or need to be political - i.e. the motive for asking is not to gain knowledge.

In a comment somewhere below James claims to be ignorant of all the technological mumbo jumbo that I talk about (where PC innards are concerned). That is all well and good given that he doesn't need to know how they work nor has the inclination to go out there and build one, however I reckon that in today's PC Gaming age, all serious gamers should be interested in getting the best gaming experience from their hardware.

With that in mind here is a link to one of my favourite nerdy sites on the net. There are loads of guides on there written in fairly straight forward English that tell you how to get the best out of what you have got (including the awesome Windows Tweaking Guide) and also a few more idiots guides about what the different technologies do.

The guides on optimising Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights 2 are also really good reads and made a massive difference to us when we used them to optimise our games. I just need a LOTRO tweaking guide now! (The game looks fairly good on my system, but it would be nice to squeeze a bit more out of it!)


GF said...

Am I ignorant too? :) - I love the attack on James, but then how much about Psychology do you know?

Isn't it just enough to know that our brains work?

James said...

What do you mean, you love the attack on me??? ;-) (Response coming on my Blog shortly...!)

Jase said...

It wasn't meant as an attack on James! It was a general brain dump following on from James' comment!
Everything I know about Psychology I learned from Star Trek! God Bless Deanna Troi!

James said...

That's Counselling, man! Counselling. ;-)