Friday, December 15, 2006

It's a date

Sky spaketh and the magic of broadband will be restored on 20th December. (Caveated with a "We are very busy so please allow an extra three days before calling our support line".) Since we are heading to York on the 21st I reckon our chances of testing the supposed 16 Meg service before Christmas are limited!

We also got their modded Netgear router and immediately changed all the default settings to something more appropriate! Imagine setting the SSID as SKYABCDE (ABCDE were 5 random numbers) - how uncooth! Also WEP encryption - this isn't the Dark Ages anymore!

I reckon I'll sell our £100 top of the range bit of kit. They still go for £75+ on EBay.


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Jase said...

I was feeling Biblical - with Sky being the voice of God from the heavens! (i.e. my life in their hands)