Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Cold

I suppose it was pretty much guaranteed that I would catch Lauren's cold! No wonder she has been grumpy though - I haven't had a sore throat this bad for years!


GF said...

Are you getting enough vitamins and things?

I mean I know that Lauren picks up things and passes it on, but shouldn't you be immune by now?

It's like when I lived at home and my Mum worked in a General Orthopaedic ward she was in contact with a lot of different bugs and germs and soon was immune. Then I became so too as she carried them home etc....

Jase said...

You have no idea how potent baby-germs are!

Both Serena and I eat very healthily (it's lack of exercise that makes us round) and undoubtably we resist a lot of stuff thrown at us, it just happened that this "cold" was a bit of a nasty one. Still it didn't last too long. I am just producing vast quantities of mucus to clear my system down! (Thanks for sharing - I know!)