Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I realised something on friday (and then forgot to blog about it)...

The night out last thursday was enhanced by the Scottish law prohibitting smoking in public places.

I got back to the hotel and I didn't stink of fags, my room didn't stink of fags the next morning and my mouth didn't feel like I had been chain smoking (passively).

Roll on the English ban next August!

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GF said...

It's amazing isn't it?

When we were out on Saturday night in Brixton then got up the following morning to pack and get ready to come over to visit it was SO APPARENT that we'd been out in London. Our clothes stank, really, really badly.

I always found smoking annoying, but didn't realise just how much of a difference the ban here would make. It's fantastic, and has to be healthy.

Isn't the ban 1st July?