Monday, December 04, 2006

Deal or No Deal yourself!

Buy the expensive DVD game version
Play online for free with no Noel Edmonds!!!!


GF said...

I loved this programme, - that is, became addicted to it - when it first hit our screens. Infact it reminds me of when I first bought my house and sat on the carpet watching the HD LCD, yet didn't have a couch!! Ironic.

Anyway, I played the link once and won £50,000. The best deal of the game. My box had only £100 and the very next box I opened was the £250,000.

Not the same without Noel though (or indeed actually getting the money)....

Jase said...

My best deal was £18,000 for a 50p box.
I quite like the show too, but I have to watch the US version once!