Thursday, November 02, 2006

No Time to Blog...

OK, that's not completely true! But we have been really busy this week.
Serena has her final exams next week (and they are REALLY final if she passes them!).
I have been doing my examiner job, where I get one of her books and pretend to have a disease / ailment whilst she goes through the motions trying to come up with a diagnosis.
Last night was practicing the neurological exam of the legs and arms... By the end of it I could name all the nerve stems and dermatomes! (And so could Serena!)

Today I met my new lifestyle and career guru (I can't think of another way of describing him - he is helping me make myself as attractive as possible - job hunting wise). We had a one hour chat about me (always fun) and we did a bit of reality checking (i.e. the market is quiet so I may not walk into a job in January, however if I market myself right there is no reason why I couldn't earn £500 per day as a contractor). I feel energised!

Now people know that I am leaving I am getting really off the wall questions thrown at me about applications I worked on years ago (some before Sydney). Clearly knowing that if something went wrong I was still around was too much of a comfort blanket and people are having small kittens! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and allows me to get petty revenge on people I never got on with! :P

We had a nice meal at Pacific last night... Lauren enjoyed herself, either looking out of the window at the buses, eating chips off her own plate (and refusing to eat anything else until the ice cream arrived) or staring at the huge log fire as if mesmerised.

Congratulations to and fingers crossed for Alex who has agreed to sell his flat in Twickenham and has agreed to buy a new 2 bedroom house in Kingston upon Thames.

Streetmap of the new place here and an aerial piccie below.
His is next door to the place with the blue tarpaulin in the back garden!

Expandable version here.


James said...

Ah, but which side? ;-)

GF said...

The front-side!?!?

GF said...

I'd like to have a 1hr conversation just about me, and what I can bring to the job table.

I'm sure that'd be good...

Jase said...

One on the left I think. It has lots of landscaping in the garden, the other looks like plane lawn.