Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wife Faction v Needs

For those of you who have never played online roleplaying games you will not have a scooby what I am talking about in the title so bare with me!

I "need" to go and see Casino Royale as soon as possible.
Serena is working every weekend until Christmas with me looking after Lauren, so the only chance we have of going is on a week night.
Our only baby-sitter is not available at the moment, so I am left high and dry with the only choice being to catch it over Christmas.

I could go and see CR without Serena, but is my "wife faction" high enough to avoid recrimination / guilt? It's one hell of a dilemma!

You'll find out my decision based on when the review appears on this blog!


GF said...

Least you have another half who wants to see it.

I REALLY want to see it too, though it appears Gillian just doesn't want to - she has a very restrictive taste in films.

What do I do in those situations? I've no one else to go with!!


Jase said...

In the past, being "Billy No Mates" I often found that I went to see films at the cinema alone. I didn't generally go to night time performances though, usually afternoon ones. I am so used to that concept now, that I don't think twice about kicking back for a couple of hours in the cinema... Still it is better to go with friends.
Surely some of your bloaky mates will go with you though, or failing that - just tell Gillian that you see rather a lot of Daniel Craig's bod! (I suspect that this is the reason that Serena wants to go!)

GF said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure the shallow aspects will work.

I don't have any blokey mates who live here. See they all live in places like London or Amsterdam or something.

Even the people I work with live in places like Chester and Leeds.