Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feel the Force

I hope even Gareth thinks that this is taking Star Wars too far!

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GF said...

Without meaning to offend, I don't have a huge belief in organised religion anyway. I'm not saying I don't believe in a God, but I just think that organised pools of 'believers' who believe their way is the right way and only their way is one of the biggest excuses for arguments and cause of problems ever known to man.

Even since the time of 'Jesus' himself and the persecutions that took place.

As for Jedi? Well it reads more like a group of people who are collectively fans of a cult movie / book / cereal packet toy. Who is their God? Where is the scriptures of the teachings of their God? Fuckwits.

Mind you, conversely you could argue that all other religious 'scriptures' be it the Bible, the Ko'ran, etc. are all just made up books too, just older and instilled in people for centuries so they've started to believe it to be true. Maybe in 200 years our civilisation could feel the same way about Star Wars?, but even still.

(yeah I do think it's taking it too far)