Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Monday morning

The speed at which Mondays seem to appear you would think they occurred every week!

I could tell instantly that I stepped out the door this morning that it was the 6th November... The faint odour of the previous two nights' bonfires was sat in the air under the blanket of fog.

We had some fairly impressive local firework displays, both official and back garden based, over the weekend and apart from the clown who was letting off fireworks close to midnight last night the entertainments have passed without much incident. A couple of loud bangs woke up Lauren, but she settled back down quickly, and the Acton display on Friday night fascinated her as we watched from her bedroom window.

Friday's lunchtime session with the image consultant was vaguely interesting... definitely much more there for the girls. I can't say I learned terribly much, as it was all pretty standard fair. I will be going out to buy some make-up though as apparently I am more likely to get paid up to 25% more if I bother to get made up for an interview as opposed to turning up without!

After a couple of weeks of testing the ground Lauren finally has started walking much more frequently without help. I managed to grab some footage on the video setting of our still camera and I stuck the 3 films on Google (and linked on the family blog).

I finally got to play a bit of Neverwinter Nights 2 as well. The reviews I have read are fairly spot on. It is a great game that plays somewhere between the original NWN and KotOR 2. I haven't progressed too far (Lev 6) but it is very pretty and manages to tax my PC so much in outdoor zones that I am going to have to crank the video options back somewhat. It plays like Baldur's Gate, in that you start out alone and pick up party members as you treck around. Max party size of 4 is a huge drawback though! I reckon that to play a character outside of the Holy Tetralogy (Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Thief) will be quite taxing and you'll have to sacrifice some aspect of the game. BG 1 and 2 and the IWD games allowed you to have six characters, which allowed you to balance out a few odd choices. I'll see how the game progresses before I write much more. I hope the multiplayer works well.

This week is Serena's final exam week so hopefully she will relax a bit come Thursday night. I think a big restaurant blow out will be in order!

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