Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You never know

The IT guy who has sat opposite me for a couple of months now and who has been kicking around our office nearly as long as I have is in a band.
Now this is normally something that you nod your head and assume they play the odd wedding or birthday party on a friday night and think nothing more about it.
Well Lee is the Bassist for To-Mera who are a bit like Evanescence and since he is a nice guy I suggest you check them out!


GF said...

Got to say I quite liked that, the video is good.

I can see where you say they sound like Evanescence but are a good bit heavier, if I'm being pedantic it's definitely more Lacuna Coil.

Taking one look at Lee in the video, how could you not think he was in a band!?!? Or does he dress up for the video, and look normal in the office?

Also, is Julie's surname 'really' Kiss?

GF said...

Oh yeah, speaking of music - can you PLEASE TAKE THAT REALLY ANNOYING BOND SOUNDTRACK OFF the site now?

Maybe even just change it to a clicky here in the entry?

After a week and it's doing my head in. :)

Jase said...

LOL! I have been leaving that alone to see how long it took to annoy you! It's gone!

OK, Lee looks a bit gothic in work but nothing that is unacceptable to Marylin!
Julie's surname really is Kiss and she is Lee's long-term girlfriend.
He has photos of her on his desk and they look nothing like the shots on the website so there is a fair amount of "imagery" going on.

GF said...

I've been biting my lip almost all week!!

Anyway, that's great surname. Yeah I'm sure she does look nothing like that in real life, but then does anyone?

Jase said...

Kiss is a reasoably common Hungarian surname apparently.
Also they are trying to get away from the Lacuna Coil and Evanescence comparissons!

GF said...

Well maybe if they stopped sounding like them, looking like them and having a female singer to boot, then they might not get the comparisons....

It's like trying to saw Westlife aren't like Boyzone or Take That. They are. Simple.