Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Missing in Action

What do you do about lost friends?

Before I started blogging I would spam all my friends' email inboxes with chatter on a daily basis, and just occassionally those who are slack at keeping in touch would drop a response that would trigger a conversation.

I have lost that with blogging. At least three of my old friends have gone quiet and I haven't heard from them in over three months.

I suppose I should email them but I don't feel like writing a life update email when all that is me is sprawled across these pages.

I caught up with one briefly on Messenger last night (purely at random)... Now I need to be good and keep in touch! As for the others... I actually rang a couple of the them a few months back and got the standard response... "Oh, I've been really busy... I'll contact you soon for a chat."

Maybe I need to look at myself - maybe they don't love me anymore?


GF said...

Maybe they never loved you?

No seriously, it's just one of those things. People are notoriously bad at keeping in touch and even with the ease of email, text and mobiles it's not any better.

I will say this though - as a recipient of your daily spam emails, the blog is far better. It generates a conversation amongst us all, but doesn't fill your inbox requiring having to read through all of them to keep up. Whilst at the same time spamming everyone else whenever you feel the need to respond.

Your friends who are missing out? Well get them to signup to your email update from the site. Or even cheekier - sign them up yourself....(cough)

Jase said...

Hmmm, never thought of that last one!

James said...

Am I one of those who's dropped out of contact?? :)

If it helps Jase, I've been ludicriously busy lately andaven't been in touch with anyone outside of Hull - save Sally. I'm hoping to claw back a little now that the mid-term coursework is out of the way.

Just drop me an e-mail mate. I don't need a life update - and I probably wouldn't read it ;-) - just say hello. I'm barly blogging myself at the moment.

Jase said...

Nope - not you Jimbo. I know where you are (generally speaking).

People like Pradeep, Giuseppe, Balint, Lawrence and Mark are the slackers!