Monday, August 21, 2006

When I can!

I am back playing Oblivion and X3 as a change... I got a bit WoW'd out. I find that since I broke my addiction to MMORPGs, I get tired of playing them after a couple of months and need to take a break.

Anyway I decided to restart X3 and Oblivion now that I had done a clean install on the new XP build. I have been enjoying both a lot more than I did last time. No fear on WoW though, I'll be back.

X3 and Oblivion are also much more "Lauren friendly", as they have Pause buttons! I have also cracked Lock-picking in Oblivion. I can take a Master lock with my pitiful 5 skill points!

I also reinstalled Half-Life 2, and don't seem to have backed up my Game Saves... So I am back in City 17 shooting zombies. At least I get to do the cool dune buggy level again!

1 comment:

GF said...

Hmmmm, HL2 - I really mean to start playing that again.

Only my work laptop doesn't really play it that well and I'm away 5 days a week.......that's when I have most spare time.