Friday, August 18, 2006

Do they think I am stupid?

Over the last few days our doorbell has been ringing randomly. I never caught any kids doing it, so I reckoned that someone else had a wireless bell like ours which was interfering and changed the transmission channel.

I am working from home today.
The doorbell goes.
As I am expecting to the postman I head straight to the door and just see a folded umbrella disappearing round the corner into my neighbour's front door... the kids are using it to press my bell and retreat quickly.
So I move to the sofa and peer out the side window straight at their door.
A couple of minutes later they decide the coast it clear and repeat the trick... I bang on the window and they look very sheepish before disappearing.

Clearly my neighbour's kids (or rather the youngest son and his friends) are stupid, but what punishment do I bestow? I don't want to start a feud, but I don't want them doing it again and disturbing Lauren.


GF said...

Why not get a big brolly and ring the neighbour's bell?

Jase said...

In the end I did nothing...
I don't want to start a war so I won't be following your advice! (Plus I don't own a long umbrella!)

It looks like the threat of what I might do if they are stupid enough to try it again is sufficient to prevent them from doing it any more!

GF said...

You could always wire the bell up to the mains..... ;)

Jase said...

That's a bit harsh on the postman! Perhaps some sort of electric fence between the two properties?