Monday, August 14, 2006


A while back I posted on a TV forum (I even forget which one) to see if anyone could refresh my memory and name a random program I remembered from my youth.

No one could from my weak description (which turned out to be pretty accurate).

Anyway, I was reading today about a weird programme called She-Wolf in London (don't ask...) and someone linked a site called RareTV that sells rip-off videos of TV shows that networks can't be bothered to repeat or release on DVD.

Thinking back to my failure I decided to trawl the alphabetical listing of shows released in the 1980's and finally found my missing show... Otherworld.

Now the big question is does anyone else remember it?

My memories are really spurious! I remember really enjoying it and being annoyed that I had to watch it on Tyne Tees TV as Yorkshire TV didn't show it. We had lowsy TTTV reception in York. Reading some of the forum posts about Otherworld really triggered off some memories!

What other blasts from the past are lurking out there???


James said...

I remember Otherworld Didn't they have to stay ahead from some Military Police types?? I even remember an episode when they became a rock band after the teenage son brought a book of the Beatles Music from our dimension with them. They won a talent thing, became famous overnight with "their" music then had to start running again.

And yes, I was relegated to watching Battlestar Galatica on Tyne Tees on the crappy TV in the kitchen. Only place in the house where you coudl get a TTTV signal. :-)

James said...

Yikes, my typing sucked in that last comment...

GF said...

Never heard of it.

Maybe it was a strange North of England space-time dimension thing.....

James said...

Yep, Tyne Tees Television was that all right.