Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

No not Madonna! Its Lauren's 1st Birthday today!

Lauren shares her birthday with a much higher class of celebrity than I do! She gets Madonna, Ulrika Jonsson and Shimon Peres. I get Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lee Harvey Oswald and Martina Navratilova!

Looking at others...

Serena gets Teddy Sheringham, Dermott Reeve and Linford Christie!
James gets Romeo Beckham, Melissa George and Barry Gibb! (And a suprising number of Porn Stars!)
Gareth gets Ice Cube, Courteney Cox and Noddy Holder. (Plus the star of Britney Speared!)


GF said...

I've just seen this now, and was convinced Lauren's b'day was next week!! Argh!! - believe it or not, that wasn't why I was looking for your address, though knew I needed it for next week.

Typical! Oh well, Happy Birthday Lauren.... :)


GF said...

PS Do I REALLY get Courtney Cox? :)

Jase said...

You get to pick:

James said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lauren!! :-) I also have better September 1st facts...

69: The destruction of Jeruslem by the Romans.

1666: Great Fire of London.

1923: 7.9 earthquake hits Tokyo and Yokohama, killing 142,000.

1939: Germany invaded Poland. Last day of first-class criket for six years. Hitler authorizes extermination of the mentally ill.

(Spot a theme here?)

Plus, I prefer to think of Edgar Rich Burroughs, Francis Ashton, Rocky Marciano, and Ruud Gullit. That's a better list, don't you think? ;-)

Porn stars indeed... You're obsessed man. Obsessed.