Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's the point?

Work sporadically update the firwall ruleset to block a few more "unsuitable" web sites.

Today's update blocked all BBC News pages apart from the front page! However, BBC News is split into three versions... UK Edition, International Edition and Low Graphics Edition.

They blocked the first one and not the others. Why? Internation Edition is still high graphics and is hardly ever different from the UK version.

Oh yeah... they also neglected to block the Sports section (but that could be deliberate!).


GF said...

Interestingly, I'm not able to get the BBC News webpages either as of 2 days ago.

This is at home I may add - they seem blocked by a firewall somehow.

I wonder if a 'greater force' is at play....

Jase said...

And now they have reversed the change!